Friday, February 20, 2009

Where-in I Reveal Information You May Not Want To Know

Consider yourself fairly warned.

In my on going quest to give Eli a sibling I've been seeing a fertility doctor and having some tests done the past month. I've had a regular exam, two blood draws, and on Wed and Thurs a sonohystogram and a hysterosalpingogram. Everything was normal until yesterday when the HSG showed that my left ovary is one big mass of adhesion's. That darn left ovary just don't work y'all. And you know I'm not freaking out about it. Actually I feel pretty OK, at least I know that there is something wrong and I know that it's not something so drastic that I'll never have kids. I do still wish it had turned out Jason was broken just for the joy of taunting the love of my life. The love of my life who was very sweet yesterday afternoon, he took Eli out to lunch and to pick up his paycheck so I'd have quiet house to rest in (the HSG was not the most comfortable of tests) and he let me know that he thinks maybe it's cancer. Don't worry, it's not, Jason thinks that everything is cancer. If I get a bad cold he wants to take me to E.R. it's kind of adorable in a way.

So I'm not really sure where we'll go from here on the baby making front, I have a big meeting on March 7th, but I am fairly certain that Eli will not be an only child. And that makes me happy and a bit less frantic.


Shell said...

I'm glad they gave you a reason!! ((( ))) Good luck on your ttc mission :)