Monday, February 02, 2009


Dear Eli,

Mommy is having a hard time believing that you're already two years old. I'd swear on a stack of bibles you were just born about five minutes ago. One was a big year for you sir.

At first you didn't seem that thrilled to be one.
Maybe you were just mad that mommy was taking pictures of you instead of getting you out of your bed.

But then we gave you cake and you decided that maybe being one wasn't all that bad.

At the beginning of the year you still had no neck, you were also very cautious with your new found walking skills. You went very slowly and very seriously and nary a bruise did you get.

You and daddy took a lot of naps together. Probably you and daddy are at home napping right now while I type this.

You were adorable in the bathtub and didn't hate having your hair washed nearly as much as you do now. Perhaps that's because you had so much less of it then. Also you weren't so likely to pour big cups of water on the floor.

Sometimes you declined to smile for the camera. That was OK.

You went to the zoo and loved the aquarium.

Being a curious young man you decided to try a taste of your sand box. It may look like you weren't thrilled with it but you kept eating it all summer long.

Around May you went through a brief phase where everything was a cape.

And you took a lot of naps in your car seat and woke up to find yourself at Target. I think this makes you a pretty lucky boy. I wish I could wake up at Target a few times a weekAs it got hotter you had a lot of fun playing outside. I never realized just how precious those afternoon hours of play were until the cold set in this winter.
You visited Aunt Jennie at the Daily News and posed for some fancy photos.

In honor of our nation's independence you doffed your hat.

And mommy was delighted to find out you had inherited her love for swatting flies. Nothing cracked you up like seeing mommy trying to squash a bug.

This summer you drank a lot of pool water. Luckily you didn't get salmonella.

You napped very very hard.

And you laughed a lot because life is very funny when you're one.

We got you a ball pit and you were crazy about it, just check out the look in your eyes. That's one crazed expression. Sadly it barely lasted a week before it popped but you still have all those balls. And quite the arm to go with them. I figure by the time you're three you'll be pitching for the Pirates, they could use some talent.

You had your first sushi.
And got very good at using a fork.

On a second trip to the zoo you weren't particularly interested in anything.
But you sure loved running around. You're pretty fast for having such little legs kid.

Throughout the year your face lost most of it's baby roundness and you just got more and more handsome.

Mommy found you especially charming when you were sleeping.

A trip to the Goodwill yielded your first tricycle. Your feet didn't quite reach the petals but I have high hopes for this summer.

You started eating apples like a big boy.

We visited the Carnegie Art and Natural History Museum.

And the Andy Warhol Museum. Clearly you're already really into art.

Fall came and you loved playing in the leaves.

At Halloween you were a fetching kangaroo.
But you found trick or treating exhausting!

Eli you're a funny kid, you make mommy laugh every single day.

And you're so good looking that it hurts.

You were slightly more into Christmas this year. But not enough to really get it yet. I'm fairly certain that you still have no idea who Santa Claus is or what he does. Thanks to The Nightmare Before Christmas you may refer to him as Sandy Paws for awhile.

I made you endure a pretty long Christmas card photo shoot.
Fairly sure it wore you out.

This year you did a bang up job opening up your presents.
And spent the day looking nerd-tastic.

January seemed extra long this year, but you didn't seem to mind.
In fact you love the snow.
Maybe you'll be the first winter sport enthusiast in the family.

Eli you are a handful. You're naughty, defiant and willful, you drive mommy and daddy crazy and test our patience daily. We firmly believe that you've been completely in the terrible twos for quite some time now. Thankfully you're also smart, funny, sweet, cuddly and loving. I think we'll keep you around; and maybe try to slow time down a bit.


Sherri said...

Aww Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Shell said...

Happy Birthday Eli!!!!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!!

I loved looking through your years pictures, You've changed into a little man :)